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Bigfish Line Bigfish Wave
  • Simple folding
  • slimfold
  • full-size geometry
  • Shimano Nexus 3
  • PRICE: 899 €




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Remarkable cycling experience

Every Bigfish comes with full-size geometry and transmission that's configured to squeeze the very best out of the nippy 16' wheels. It might be a folder, but there's no compromise in riding quality. Far from it in fact. Position the Bigfish next to a conventional bike and you’ll see that the key proportions match up. Take a ride next to a conventional bike and watch the rider's face as you zoom past!

The Bigfish gives you a remarkable cycling experience. It’s comfortable, easy to manoeuvre and gets you through the traffic like a dream.

Genius of simplicity

Bigfish’s unique Smart Folding Technology means no prescribed folding order. It's so easy! No latches, catches or screws, no having to be in a certain gear beforehand...
Four quick steps are all you need to get on the road or to pack it away.

A simple push and pull of the buttons is all it takes.

100% mobile when folded

In city areas where cycling is not permitted, the folded Bigfish can be comfortably rolled on its own wheel along with you as you walk. No carrying, no stress.

It’s ace in a small space!

The folded Bigfish is so slim it’ll fit just about anywhere. Neither cumbersome nor cubic, indoors or in transit, it'll sit quietly out of the way.

Bigfish stays safe and protected in your apartment, office or car; it keeps bike thieves empty-handed (saving you the pain and cost of replacing your bike), and keeps rust and rain damage at bay.

Aluminium frame

Bigfish Wave frames are made from 6061 aluminum of high quality. Aluminum is a material for component design of stiff bicycle frames and ideally suited due to achieving big cross sections at low weight.

Rediscover the joys of cycling - you can see so much more by bike!

Get closer to nature. Park the car or get off the bus and take the greener, quieter route through the city. Make Bigfish an essential part of your daily journey. Remember, next time you’re sitting in your car in a traffic jam… you’re not stuck in traffic you ARE traffic.


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